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1. Malt Extract Powder (Dried Malt Extract)
Dried Malt Extract (DME) products are made by introducing the liquid malt extract onto a slowly moving band bed of material passing through the vacuum. Drying occurs with the circulation of hot air through this moving bed of materials. The vacuum allows evaporation to happen at a lower temperature and aids the extract to puff. It then milled into a coarse powder and packed it into 20 kg per bag. We can offer various type of DME in term colour and specification depending on customerís requirements. It is a non-diastatic malt extract
2. Malted Milk Powder (Brown & White)
It is produced by our latest technology state-of-the-art Vacuum Drying. It is a combination of Malt Extract, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa, etc with the mixture of various nutrition that provide energy and nutrients needed by the human body. It has been also known as Chocolate Malt Drinks. We could also customize formulation to meet customerís precise requirements. It comes in powder form and packed in 25 kg in 3 ply paper with one poly inner liner bag.
3. Instant Malt Extract Cereal Flakes / Flour
It is made from a combination of combined cereals i.e. wheat, corn, rice, soya and malt extract. It is a low fat diet, rich with protein content of between 12-15%. It is produced by the advanced Drum Drying technology. The cereals flakes are packed 10 kg in thick HDPE bags within a corrugated carton.
4. Oats
We produce full range of oats derivatives product namely Rolled Oats, Quick Cooking Oats, Instant Oats, Oat Flour and Oat Bran. It is a natural product which contains no additives and rich with beta-glucan which has been proved could help to reduce cholesterol level in the human body. Like all cereal grains, oats have a relatively low fat content. The lipid present in oats contains a good balance essential fatty acids and is primarily unsaturated. A higher dietary intake of unsaturated fats related to overall fat consumption has been linked with longevity and general good health. It packed in 25 kg in 3 ply paper with one polyinner liner bag.
5. Maltodextrin
It is produced by partial hydrolysis of starch by a typical total enzyme process. An enzyme converted with low sweetness and low reducing sugar which will resist to browing. Maltodextrin powder produced by Spray Dry technology. Mainly supplied to beverages industry as carrier as well as free flowing agent. Standard packing is 25 kg per bag with polythene inner liner
6. Honey Powder
It is a process of drying the honey liquid to a powder form via our advanced technology of Vacuum Band Dryer. The honey has been dehydrated and mixed with other ingredients to keep it free-flowing. It is more convenient and has longer shelf life than honey liquid. It is packed in 25 kg with one inner thick HDPE within corrugated carton.
7. Contract Manufacturing and Packing
We could offer customized formulations to customer as well as manufacture according to customer formulations. We are also offering contract packing service for private labels in various packaging depending on customer requirements.
8. Others Range of Products
Vacuum Dried Soy Sauce Powder
Vacuum Dried Caramel Powder
Natural Fruits Powder
Sweetened Condensed Milk Powder
Caramelized Milk Powder
Savory Process Flavors (Chicken / Beef)
Chocolate Drinks Powder (Agglomeration)
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