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1. Vacuum Band Dryer
Started in 2007 with technology from Europe. One of the most successful drying for high quality products. Current capacity is 6,000 MT per year with ultimate capacity of 30,000 MT per year once the other 4 lines of Vacuum Band Dryer are completely installed. Products produced by this technology are Malted Milk Powder (Brown & White), Malt Extract Powder (Dried Malt Extract), Malted Beverage Powder, Honey Powder, Caramel Powder, Herbal Extracts Powder, etc.
Vacuum band dryer
2. Roller Dryer
Family Cereal initially started with two double dryer producing instant cereal flakes for the cereal beverage industries. Over the years, the company is now operating with 8 double drum dryers with and without applicator rolls, 1 single drum dryer with applicator rolls and a pilot drum dryer with applicator rolls. This combined to a 10,000 Mt/year production capacity. This drying principle allows a wide range of products from liquid to semi-liquid to those of sticky and pasty consistency and to solidify, yielding end products in the form of film, flakes or powder.
Roller dryer
3. Grain Milling
Oat milling plant was added to the Company’s operation in 1994 with an initial capacity of 4,000 MT/year. A second and third plant was added in 1998 and 2002 respectively for extra capacity. Today, we have a total combined capacity of 40,000 MT/year.
With the advance oat milling technology, Family Cereal via its subsidiary company Ernsts Foods (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is able to supply full range of oats derivatives products such as Rolled Oats Flakes, Quick Cooking Oats Flakes, Instant Oats Flakes, Whole Oat flour, and Enzyme Stabilized Oat Bran.
4. Pilot Plant
We have pilot plant available for trials such as Vacuum Band Dryer, Roller Dryer, and Blender. We provide contract manufacturing services using our range of products. If you have a new product that need to launch in the market more quickly, we could provide assistance with using our pilot plant to develop the right sample in the shortest time possible.
Pilot Plant of vacuum band dryer
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